Vegetalization of the busby hotel quarter

The 2019-2025 plan for the greening of the city was presented at the Acropolis Palace by Christian Estrosi.

2008 – 2018: 10 years of actions to make Nice greener

  • 15 million visitors on the Promenade du Paillon
  • More than 3 million m2 of green space in the city
  • plant protection for the maintenance of green spaces in the city of Nice
  • 25 ha of green spaces created
  • 174 parks and gardens
  • 260 agents dedicated to green spaces
  • 1 tree for 5 inhabitants
  • 1 tree for every birth in Nice
  • 4 labels and 3 awards awarded to Nice for its quality of action
  • With the arrival of Line 2 from the tramway since June 2019, more than 6 km of roadway will be freed from the bus and access to bike paths and a green walk.

Complemented with 1,000 trees and dense vegetation, this structure is organized as a linear garden, punctuated by more generous spaces, places of conviviality and landscaping, at the foot of the building closer to the residents.

She will walk around and organize trips in soft and carbon-free modes.

These green ribbons with a loss of essences according to 4 themes:

Dream of bright springs: light flowers and colorful trunks
Sensualities of the big flowers: majestic flowers and sweetness of the summer shadows
Inebriating scents of citrus: mix of lemon, avocado, orange
Dream of the far away: exposure of known or new plants in Nice

Three axes are concerned:

  • Bottero – Joffre – Pastorelli – Dévoluy: the site will be engaged in 2019 with the treatment of the southern axis and will be completed until 2021.
  • Dante – Buffa – Liberty – Hotel des Postes: the north sidewalk will be treated in 2019, the whole will be completed in 2021 also.
  • Gioffredo: in 2019, the modification will be initiated with a temporary prefiguration of the south sidewalk through planters. The end of the project is scheduled for 2021.